Live in Shanghai

Anne Evenou
Paul Gabla
Samuel Yabri

for this record came up after a gig at the
Glamour Bar (the posh bar co-located with the M on the Bund restaurant-with-a-view), where we performed three nights back in February, with a repertoire combining French songs and jazz ballads.
We recorded live the performance for the second and third nights, and we were quite pleased with the way we played and with the reactions of the audience. It was especially groovy on the last evening, when we finally got our musical act together, in front of a room packed with many friends and probably the whole jazz-loving French community in Shanghai.
Unfortunately the sound balance of the recording was not as good as expected, with the bass almost lost in the background. clinking noises of glasses and forks (M on the Bund is a restaurant, after all !), loud conversations and occasional laughters.
So we decided to record again in the quiet environment of our rehearsal studio (a.k.a. the basement of Paul's house at Sunridge Villas). But how to re-create the excitement of the live performance, not to mention the roaring applause at the end of each song ?
Easy ! Just invite all our friends over, and make this a live studio recording. And here we are, by a wonderful late spring evening, singing and playing our favourite songs for our friends.
We explained them the whole concept before starting the concert, but one can notice that the audience is more intimidated than us at the beginning, and the clapping is rather shy on the first few songs. After a while though, it starts to rock, and by the time we get to "All Blues" and "Route 66", the two very bluesy closing tunes, the groove is quite cool !

Dernière modification : 2006-09-07.